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MyPatio BBQ Reverse-Flow Smoker Long 16.6” 6 mm

1020.00 EUR

This BBQ Grill Smoker is suitable for direct and indirect grilling, smoking, baking, cooking and barbecuing. Enjoy the cooking with your friends and family! All MyPatio-BBQ Grill Smoker are made by hand,  all edges and attachments are welded: there is no danger of being harmed by sharp edges.

The data:
The grill body (cooking chamber, fire box) is made of  6 mm sheet steel and painted with a black heat resistant, high-quality paint.

Dimensions (L x W x H): 190 x 65 x 150 cm
Diameter (cooking chamber, fire box): 16.6'' (42 cm)
Weight: 185 kg

Grill area firebox: 45 x 41 cm
Grill area cooking chamber: 90 x 41 cm
Grill area = inner surface

Vertical smoke pipe (chimney) with smoke flap (adjustable damper) and an adjustable air vent in the BBQ Smoker firebox combine to regulate the heat and smoke.
Large firebox with convenient wood/charcoal access door and clean-out door for easy ash removal.
The surface above the firebox can be used as a hotplate.
Sturdy undercarriage with foldable drawbar (handle) for easier transport.
Flue pipe can be attached to the smoker on the right or left behind side

The equipment includes:
1 x reverse flow Verses Tuning Plate
1 x closing piece
1  x vertical smoke pipe with smoke flap

1 x fire grate made of 10 mm steel bars for firebox (12 mm surcharge)
2 x grill grate made of 5 mm stainless steel for firerbox (8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm surcharge)
2 x grill grate made of 5 mm stainless steel for cooking chamber (8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm surcharge)

1 x convenient front shelf (removable)
1 x bottom storage shelf for wood (drily, freely of resin and not chemically treated) and/or coal

2 x steel wheels (40 cm diameter) for easier transport.

2 x solid hardwood handles with metal bolts. That makes it easy to exchange, if necessary.
1 x pipe for fat and liquid (bucket)
1 x poker for fire

BBQ Grill Smoker will be delivered to you assembled without pallet. (On a pallet - for a surcharge).
Made in Europe.

Please don’t hesitate to ask questions about our products or about our service.
For your questions: info@mypatio.eu

To expand your smoker, we offer in the Categorie "Accessories":
• smokehouse
• side table
• Lid spacers
• swivel arm
• Grill grate made of stainless steel in a stronger version
• Fire grate made of steel in stronger version or cast iron
• Fire grate for cooking chamber
• Cover
• ash box
• Juice pan
• heat shield
• Grill cleaning brush (3-in-1)
• Aluminum boiler with lid
• Firebrick etc.

At your request we can make some changes:
• the reinforced support tubes 1 1/2 "tube
• Extension of the legs by 10cm and enlargement of the shelf (below)
• two slots (1x right and 1x left) for thermometers
• install the second thermometer on the other side (symmetrical)
• manual rotisserie (with removable handle), Ø 10mm or Ø 12mm with 2x meat clamp Ø 5 mm, 2x locking screws, made of stainless steel
• Stainless steel grate - the second grill level etc.

MyPatio-BBQ Grill Smoker - it is quality and fun for generations!