Terms of conditions

Privacy Notice

Any information, production or its image published on the pages of this website are an object of rights of intellectual property.

Any website www.mypatio.eu visitor is entitled to look through, copy, print out and distribute any document published on the website, in cases if:

- information is used only for non-commercial purposes;
- information will not be used by other websites;
- the link to the website www.mypatio.eu is compulsory if using the information.

Having read this agreement you agree with the abovementioned conditions on information use.

We implement collection only of that personal information, which the consumer gives us voluntarily. These are data required for provision (and perfection) of our services. The main personal data, like name, surname, postal address and electronic mail address, phone number, as well as some secondary information, for instance, cookies, data about connection to the network and system information are subject to collection.

When you make an order we request your name and surname, electronic mail address, phone and delivery address.

The shop takes all required measures for protection of any personal data presented to the shop. Access to the personal data belongs only to the authorized employees of the shop, authorized employees of detached companies (i.e. service suppliers), which have signed an agreement on confidentiality and personal data protection. All employees of www.mypatio.eu shop having access to the personal data stick to the policy on provision of confidentiality and protection of customer`s personal data. For the purposes of provision of information confidentiality and protection of personal data www.mypatio.eu supports a corresponding IT environment and takes all measures that are necessary for prevention of unauthorized access to data.

The personal data are used only for those purposes, for which they have been presented to the shop www.mypatio.eu. This information can be used for administering, support and organization of feedback on the level of services as well, as well as for prevention of violations of confidentiality, legal norms or conditions of agreements.

The shop www.mypatio.eu never gives the right of access to personal data of the third persons, which might use these data with the purposes of direct marketing without a corresponding permit of the owners of information.

The user is entitled to refuse from the services of direct marketing by writing an electronic message to the administration of the shop www.mypatio.eu.

The personal data can be transferred to the third persons (for instance, Internet providers), which ensure the functioning of this website. Some of these business partners can be located outside that country, from which the visitor applies to the website. These business partners must provide a high level of protection of personal information.

Besides, the personal data can be transferred to the public institutions in cases if the shop www.mypatio.eu is forced to do it in correspondence with the requirements of any applicable legislation, or if, in our judgment, such activity is required for observation of legality, fulfillment of legally justified claims, or with the purposes of protection of the rights of the shop www.mypatio.eu, its customers and consumers.

The consumer can demand to delete, correct or check the personal data by sending an electronic message to the administration of the shop www.mypatio.eu.

www.mypatio.eu uses the tracking technologies (cookies) for collection of such personal data, like browser’s type or operating system, reference page, track on the website, domain of the Internet provider etc., with the purposes of reception of general information about how the website is used by the visitors. Cookies allow perfecting the present website in accordance with the requirements of its visitors.

The shop www.mypatio.eu saves all information collected by using cookies in a format, which does not presuppose identification of personality. The information received through cookies cannot be disclosed to the third persons outside the shop www.mypatio.eu. This information will not be transferred to the third persons in an unauthorized way.

The cookies in the computer’s memory contain not the user’s name, but the IP address of the computer.

Mailing of e-mails that contain advertising information or materials connected with marketing without a preliminary coordination with the recipient is called spam.

The shop www.mypatio.eu DOES NOT take part in spam mailing. Indeed, the shop www.mypatio.eu uses means against spam. The shop www.mypatio.eu will not use personal data (including e-mail address) for direct marketing or subsequent contacts without user’s consent.

The shop www.mypatio.eu can save the personal information received through this website in databases. The personal data are saved within the shop www.mypatio.eu as long as it is necessary for replies to the requests or solution of the problems, provision of the perfected or new services. When a specific time period has expired the personal data are deleted from all systems of the shop www.mypatio.eu.

We remind that the shop www.mypatio.eu is entitled to delete the personal data of the consumer at any time.

The shop www.mypatio.eu can from time to time make amendments and corrections in the present Agreement. We recommend looking through the text of this Agreement from time to time to follow these amendments.

Conditions of the order

The fact of execution of the order to the goods delivery through electronic catalogue of the shop www.mypatio.eu, as well as receipt of prepayment for the supplied goods on the shop’s account is a full and unconditional wish to conclude an agreement on delivery of the ordered goods under conditions of the shop www.mypatio.eu. Please, read carefully read these conditions before you use the services of the shop www.mypatio.eu. Starting using the services you automatically conclude an agreement with the shop www.mypatio.eu under given conditions. If you disagree with anything in the conditions given below, you cannot use the services of the shop www.mypatio.eu.

How to make an order in the shop www.mypatio.eu

Before you make an order, please, carefully learn about the description of the article, technical characteristics and additional goods, which might be necessary to buy in addition to this article (if necessary). Carefully learn about the present Conditions of buying the goods, methods of payment and goods delivery as well.

In order to make an order enter the corresponding section, open the goods description and push on the cart image. The buyer’s cart will be opened by this (You can always take a look at its contents in the Menu “Cart”, which is in the upper Menu).

The buyer’s cart represents the total amount of goods items in your order with prices, as well as the total amount of the order in Euros without delivery value. The value of delivery is fixed in accordance with the tariffs of delivery services and is paid up by the customer separately. There is a possibility to delete and change the quantity of the goods units under order of all goods in the user’s cart.

Full list of the goods in the cart can be looked through and edit by going to the link “Cart” in the upper Menu.

To make an order, after final selection and editing, it is necessary to enter the Menu “Cart” and push the button “Receive Invoice”.

In the following form the client gives the information that is necessary for order processing, namely, the name, surname, delivery address, contact phone number, e-mail and other information.

The order is executed and you need to push the button “Send Invoice”. After this the client is sent an e-mail to the address given during registration.

In case of necessary prepayment, please, inform us by e-mail about the fact of payment. Give name and surname, date and amount of payment, number of order, number of payment document in the message.

Deferred delivery

If at the moment of reception of the payment for the order at the account of the shop www.mypatio.eu, due to various reasons, there will be no required articles, the shop www.mypatio.eu notifies the customer about this by e-mail and puts the order in queue until reception of the ordered goods in the warehouse.



For the articles of the shop www.mypatio.eu that must be sold a warranty term is determined - 24 months from the moment of purchase. The warranty term is calculated from the date, which is given in the Agreement on equipment delivery. During this term, in case of finding-out of factory’s defective goods, the articles are subject to free-of-charge warranty repair or replacement (in case if repair is impossible). The warranty repair is performed by the shop www.mypatio.eu. Transport charges connected with delivery of the article for warranty repair implementation to the address of the shop www.mypatio.eu are born by the customer. Transport charges connected with delivery of repaired article (or its replacement) to the address of the customer are born by the shop www.mypatio.eu.

The warranty repair or replacement of the purchased article during the warranty term is implemented only if the following conditions are observed:

1. Receipt on article’s payment is available.
2. The article has all components.

The shop www.mypatio.eu does not bear warranty liabilities in the following cases:

1. Presence of mechanical damages of article as a result of accidents, blows, falls, physical contact of moving elements with strange objects.
2. Attempts of the customer to independently repair or change the internal structure of the article.
4. Violations of operating rules.
5. Article’s rough handling.
6. Wrong assemblage of the article.
7. Natural wear-and-tear of article’s components in the course of exploitation.
8. If the exploitation of defective article will lead to article’s breakdown with mechanical damages, to mechanical damage, ignition or failure of other article’s components – the warranty will not cover such damages of other parts and components, except the one, which directly has a factory defect. In such cases repair of components that have been damaged as a result of defective article’s exploitation (except repair of parts that have factory defects) is paid up by the customer.

Return and refunds

Return or exchange an item - our 100% money back guarantee
If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply return the item to us in its original condition within 14 days of receipt.
Returned items should be unused and must be returned in original packaging with any enclosed documentation. We will issue a full refund on receipt, excluding the original delivery charge. Alternatively, if preferred, we will exchange the item.
All returns are refunded within 30 days of receipt by us. Once your refund has been processed you will receive a confirmation by email.

Please note:

1. Goods will only be accepted for return if they are despatched within 14 days of delivery, unless we have notified you otherwise.
2. The item is your responsibility until it reaches us. Therefore for your own protection we recommend that you send the parcel using a delivery service that insures you for the value of the goods. If we don't receive the item we can't refund you or replace it.
3. The cost of returning the item to us is your responsibility.
4. Delivery charges are only refundable where goods are faulty and a refund is made.
5. Include the reason for the return, the invoice number and your email address or telephone number. Tell us if you would like a refund or a replacement.

Responsibility of the shop www.mypatio.eu

The shop www.mypatio.eu does not bear responsibility for any losses of the customer, either direct or indirect. The shop www.mypatio.eu does not pay up the expenses, which are connected with impossibility of using the defective equipment, loss of time, expenses of electricity, expenses of raw materials, telephone communications, transportation charges, and loss of income and other commercial losses.

The amount of compensation to the customer from the part of the shop www.mypatio.eu under no conditions can exceed the value of paid-up article. The shop www.mypatio.eu guarantees that the delivered goods do not have any harmful influence on the consumer’s health and they are safe on conditions that the operating rules described in the attached technical documentation have been observed.

Force Majeure

The shop www.mypatio.eu is released from responsibility for partial or full failure to fulfill the liabilities in accordance with the provisions of the present agreement, if this failure is the result of circumstances of Force Majeure, like: fire, flood, earthquake, military actions, malfunction of the customer’s vehicle, which has arisen during execution of order delivery, activities and normative instructions of the public institutions having compulsory effect for the shop www.mypatio.eu, which have arisen after execution of the order, on conditions that these circumstances have directly influenced the fulfillment of its obligations by the shop www.mypatio.eu.